1Hi, i'm Mary Neely. In my spare time I like to read, play sports, and do art.I have 2 brothers. My favorite subject is art and P.E.I play soccer,lacrosse, basketball, and I do a little bit of swimming.I love UT! Go vols!!!

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Go Vols!!!

soccerball.jpg - soccer
soccerball.jpg - soccer

mc9004370411.png - Basketball
mc9004370411.png - Basketball

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football.png - football
football.png - football

Internet Safety Tips
  • Don't share photos of yourself with people you meet online
  • Never open e-mails that come from unknown people or sources
  • Be careful what you write online it is not private
  • Always ask you parents for help
  • When asked by friends or strangers never share an ID or password
  • Don't reveal any personal identity information
  • If you receive mean or threatening comments online, don't respond
  • Never make plans to meet an online person

Safety at home on the computer
At home I can get on the computer at any time for homework. I do however
have to ask to get on for something else. My brother don't have to ask to get on
for anything unless they're getting on Twitter or Facebook then they do have to
ask for that.

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What is the URL of the web page?
What is the extension?
What is the name of the site?
Is the author’s name and email address on the page?

Is there a date that tells you when the page was made?

If there are photographs, do they look real?

Are the facts on the page what you were looking for?

Does the author of the page say something that you disagree with?

Does the page include information that you know was wrong?

Do the links on the page work and link to where they were supposed to go?

Other notes from you:
Looks realistic.