Welcome to rg4 Wikispace

Welcome to our online space for Fourth Grade computer students at The Ensworth School, Nashville, Tennessee.

Our space, managed by Mrs. Schulz, is devoted to learning and collaborating, It contains links to both public and private resources for the students.

Although this space is publicly viewable, it is only editable by the students and the teacher.

What 5-letter word do of the pictures below have in common?
photo by Tony the Misfit- Flickr
photo by Dean Croshere- Flickr
photo by Gilles Gonthier- Flickr
found using Wylio.com

1st and 2nd Quarter Assignments:

Make this Website (rg4.wikispaces.com) a Favorite/Bookmark

Make Your Student Page a Favorite (Bookmark)

Introduce Yourself on Your Student Page

Go to Student Pages on this class wiki. Locate your name and double-click it to open your own page.
Take a moment to introduce yourself. Tell about your interests, talents, favorite school subject, favorite spare time activity, etc. You need to write three or more sentences. Yes, spelling and grammar counts- always.

Make a Member Picture for this Wiki

  • Open Microsoft Paint.
  • Click Image-Attributes.
  • Set the Units to inches.
  • Set the width and length each to 2 inches (this will allow you to design the picture within a 2x2 inch square space.)
  • Create a design- the design you create will identify you in our wiki discussions.
  • To save:
    • Click File-Save As.Click My Computer(on the left) and choose your drive; choose a subfolder if desired, such as My Pictures.
    • In the File name box type your name followed by the word wiki pic (for example, my file name would be terri wiki pic)
    • In the Save as typebox, select JPEG. Then click Save.

Upload Your Wiki Member Picture to your Settings Profile

  • At the upper right of the wiki where you signed in, click your name. Click Settings
  • Next to the gray smiley Picture, click Change.
  • Click Browse. Find your saved Paint picture, and double-click it.
  • Click Upload. Scroll down to see your picture.
  • Find the Continue and click it. Scroll down, bottom-right and find Save- click it.
  • To return to the wiki, look at the upper right where you signed in- click My Wikis and choose rg4(sometimes you have to click My Wikis first)

Upload Your Wiki Member Picture to your Student Page

  • Open your student page, and click Edit to begin editing.
  • Click on a blank line where you want your picture to show up
  • On your student page toolbar click the Insert Image and File tool
  • Under the Insert Files tab, you will see lots of files others have already added. Yours will be there in a minute! To the right of that file listing, click Upload Files.
  • Next, browse through your drive, and double-click your wiki member picture (the jpeg file you created and saved in Paint.)
  • You will see your picture file show up in the file listing on the left- double-click it, and it will now appear on your student page.

Make a Table of Pictures (like the one above) on Your Student Page

  • Open your student page, click Edit to begin editing.
  • Click on a blank line somewhere under your wiki picture and introduction
  • Click the Table tool at the top of your student page
  • Make this table 4 columns by 2 rows
  • Find your pictures using the Websites for Pictures page on the sidebar of this wiki
  • Copy-paste pictures into row 1 of your table, and copy-paste or type photo credit for each picture into row 2, under the pictures
  • Re-size your picture in the table as necessary
  • Reminder: give credit for each picture

3rd Quarter Assignments:

Upload a File of Your Choice, such as a poem, story, or powerpoint to your Student Page

This works the same way you uploaded your wiki picture file to your page (see quarter 1 and 2 assignments if you need directions)

Internet Safety Tips Assignment

  • Open your student page and get your cursor to a blank line; on this line type: Internet Safety Tips
  • On the next line start a bullet-ed list for your Internet safety tips.
  • For your research on safety tips, go to our Delicious Tigersiteson the sidebar of our wiki
  • When you find safety tips, type them in your own words into your bullet-ed list
  • Your list should include 8-10 safety tips
  • Under the list, write about any rules you have at home for following one or more of these safety tips. Include any other rules you have at home for using or sharing technology

Create Links on Your Student Page

  • Open your student page
  • Use the Link tool located on the toolbar of your student page
    • Make one Wiki Link (this will link to another page inside our rg4 class wiki, such as linking to a classmate's page)
    • Make one External Link (this will link to a website outside of our wiki, maybe one of your favorite websites)
    • Note: when you are making your internal and external links, notice the New Window box. This is good to click and check-mark, because when someone opens the link you make, the page you are linking them to will open in a new window, WHICH MEANS they won't lose the web page they are on and have to click the back button to return to where they started- instead, the page you link them to will open in a new tab, right next to the page they are currently working on.

4th Quarter Assignments:

Internet Safety Discussion Assignment (on the internet Safety page)

Evaluate a Web Page Assignment (on the Internet Safety page)

(CLICK HERE to go to Internet Safety Page of this Wiki)

Add a Video Widget from Teachertube.com to your Student Page

  • Open your student page, then click Edit to begin editing. Make a new tab and go to teachertube.com, then click the Video tab.
  • Find a video that is instructional- it teaches something. Even though you are on teachertube, there are still some videos uploaded that really do not teach a thing, so be sure you find one that does
  • Look off to the right of the video- look for embedcode. When you find it, copy it. Note: at some video sites you have to first click the Share button before you see the embed code.
  • Return to your student page tab.
  • Get your cursor to a blank line on your page (where you want the link to be.)
  • On the toolbar click Widget.
  • Along the left side select the type of widget you are adding, and along the right select the specific "brand" of widget you are adding (if it is not listed, click Other.)
  • There are directions provided- basically, you click inside the white box and paste your video embed code. Click Save.
  • Save your student page.
  • Test out the widget-- does it work?

Add a Widget from Widgetbox.com, Pollmo, or Polldaddy.com to your Student Page

(Widgetbox and Polldaddy may require my sign-in at school, or your parent approval at home; pollmo doesn't require signing in)

(instructions for widgetbox below)

  • Open your student page, then click Edit to get ready to edit your page. Place your cursor on the line where you will want your new widget to be.
  • Make a new tab and go to widgetbox.com, then click the Widgets tab.
  • Use the Search box or the widget options shown, looking for a Basic (free), not Pro, widget
  • Create your widget
  • Don't worry about saving your widget...look for the Get Code anc Copy code options.
  • Click Get Widget. Copy the embed code
  • Return to your student page (if you created a new tab for widgetbox, it is on the previous tab) and follow same instructions as you followed for embedding a video for embedding your widget.